Our team collaboration service, EnTouch, provides a way for your business to solve its most complex problems with less risk and lower costs. By incorporating our technical acumen with your team, you can tackle larger, more demanding projects.
EnTouch’s success is built on mutual trust and responsiveness; we are colleagues and partners to our clients. With a focus on accountability, we provide constant feedback on our progress and offer around-the-clock support.

A cloud based contact management solution for Microsoft Outlook

  • Communication is saved in Outlook and shared with your entire team.
  • All information is replicated for for instant access.
  • Customizable views allow managers to control and monitor communications.
  • Accounts, Office Locations, Individuals
  • Corporate Letters & Custom Documents
  • Contact Reports between Customers & Vendors
  • Information Requested by Company Contacts
  • Sales Orders, Purchase Orders & Invoices
  • Pricing Letters

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